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Our job search is now in beta!

🔎 examples

chef, drones, intern, junior dev, machine operator, mRNA scientist, post-doc, remote sales, software designer, travel nurse, truck driver

👋 Hi! We're releasing our job search engine in beta due to job market pressures & recent layoffs in the news.

🔎 You'll get the best results with intitle:job, intext:keyword, after:YYYY-MM-DD, etc. as shown in above examples!

📧 Let us know if you find a job using Breeze and we'll send you a free gift!

💻 Ok, what's the inside scoop about this beta?

  1. we build results based on publisher tags of job postings; we'll add sites that don't tag jobs this quarter!

  2. some publishers tag items incorrectly -- let us know if you see a search result that's not a job posting!

  3. you may see duplicate listings. why? we're sourcing results from hundreds of thousands of job boards -- it's currently impractical to eliminate every repeat listings. Your sponsorship can help us hire more engineers!

  4. our demand is exploding with this job search -- please try again if you get a server timeout. again, we're bootstrapped and your sponsorship will help eliminate that, especially if you find our job results useful!

  5. filters are manual -- again, do intext:city, intitle:job, after:YYYY-MM-DD, etc. as shown in examples above

📫 Please contact us if you have any other issues &/or questions about job search with Breeze!