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🙋‍♂️ What is Breeze?

A community search engine for your favorite topics.

What is a topic search engine?

A topic search engine is sometimes called a vertical search engine.

Our platform tags the parts of the web that are most relevant to a specific topic so that you get better search results.

We also filter out excess ads that clutter other universal search engines so that people can focus on their key areas of interest.

How are topic search engines different than universal search engines?

The technology is essentially identical -- we crawl the web, index what we find, build a database of what we find, and provide a search bar so that you can query what we find.

The core difference is that we provide a user-selectable set of knobs, dials, filters, and other means by which to tune the set of websites and pages that are most relevant to your search.

For example, we only return product pages in our shopping search engines, whereas our content searches let you select articles, discussion boards, and other categories for sites that are specific to that topic

This ability to tune the web is not unlike what you might do in many other situations -- in music, it's like giving you an equalizer, as a photographer, it's like letting you choose the lens and add photo edits, and so forth.

How are topic search engines created?

We curate specific sites and pages to filter the web using a mixture of human and machine crawling.

Some topic searches are powered by Google's custom search engine, more advanced topic searches are powered by Bing's custom search engine API, and our most powerful topic searches are built by actively indexing the web with open source crawlers &/or our web scrapers.

What topic searches are currently available?

Do your topic searches support advanced search?

Yes, most standard search operators work on Breeze. For example, you can use the site: operator to restrict results to one or more specific sites, the OR and parentheses operators to search for multiple words, the quote operator to search for specific phrases, and the minus operator to exclude keywords.

Is user privacy preserved?

We currently do not collect either IP addresses nor do we set any client-side browser cookies.

Although we DO NOT directly store user search queries, either Bing or Google may be storing user queries for those topics powered by their respective custom search platforms. In no case do we share any IP addresses or other data with either Bing or Microsoft or any other 3rd party provider.

We do not currently use Google Analytics or other analytics platforms such as Google Tag Manager, Fathom, or Hotjar.

In short -- we are proceeding extremely cautiously with respect to deploying any tracking code by ourselves or any third party.

Contact us if you'd like to share any thoughts or have other questions about our analytics and privacy policies.

Do your topic searches comply with GPDR &/or other relevant legal requirements.

Yes, to the best of our knowledge. If you identify any area concern otherwise, please contact us.

Do your topic searches comply with GPDR &/or other relevant legal requirements?

Yes, to the best of our knowledge. If you identify any area concern otherwise, please contact us.

What topic searches are you releasing next?

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Can we go ad-free? What are your paid plans?

Contact us to get early access to our ad-free plans and the ability to create search alerts for your topics of interest.

Can we sponsor topic searches?

Contact us about the topics on which you'd like to promote your brand or product with affiliate, CPM, CPC, &/or CPA marketing.

Can Breeze generate web alerts when customer, competitor, partner or other web pages are changed?

Contact us to get early access to our web tracking capabilities.

Can we use Breeze as our site search engine?

Contact us to learn more about using our platform as the site search engine for your website.

Can we create topic searches?

We're releasing the ability to create topic searches in phases. Register here to get early access &/or suggest a topic.

Will Breeze have a universal search capability?

Yes. Register here for early access.

Will you be adding universal search?

Yes. Register here for early acces.

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