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Breeze is a search engine

Yes, you can search the web, like any universal search engine.

You can also tune Breeze to your favorite topics!

You also get many other choices with Breeze that you won't get with most other search engines. You'll soon be able to opt compeletely out of ads or just see ads and updates from your favorite brands, such as your preferred sports teams.

That's ultimately what Breeze is all about -- choice.

With choice comes transparency. Unlike other search engines, you'll always know the source of your search results. For example, our default free search is powered by Google -- and our topic filters are powered by very custom Google. Trust us -- it's hard -- soon, we'll have a builder that will make it easy (hint hint).

Our premium version is powered by Bing. Most other search engines will keep that info secret or hide it under some click banner that's hard to find. Again, our topic filters are a very custom version of Bing.

Our search alerts are powered by our platform. If you get an alert that another used car is up for sale, that's because we watched that page for you -- in real time, not whenever Bing or Google feel like updating it.

Aren't other search engines ad-free? Sort of. You see, what they don't tell you is that many of their searches are actually powered by Bing and Google -- just like us. They're also simply blocking the ads inside their browser or extension.

that's very different than simply not ever serving the ads, or never sending your keywords to an ad server which is what Breeze does in our premium product -- no ads served

Another subtlety is that these same search engines and their associated browsers, and most especially on mobile, tend to restrict your ability to choose other search engines.

Should you really trust someone about their privacy if they're hiding away your ability to make choices or obfuscating transparency about their search sources?

probably not

We don't track your searches in our free product or our premium product. Our subprocessors do track total searches in aggregate, none of which are individually attributable by us.

We're disabling their ability to personalize results in March 2022.

We also currently don't store any cookies nor do we have any analytics. We are likely to add some of those, however, each will be opt-in and fully transparent.

That policy holds for our full web search or any of our topic searches -- we're simply not tracking you.

Learn more about what powers Breeze, the world's first search engine for communities.

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